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What do the Bible, Darwin's "Descent with Modification", and Neo-Darwinists' views say about origins?
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Creation and Evolution: The Real Conflict
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Noah's Ark Possibility Project (NAPP)


In September of 2015, this website launched the Noah's Ark Possibility Project (NAPP) with the stated purpose to investigate whether an ark as specified in Genesis 6:14-16 could possibly have had sufficient carrying capacity to save two of every kind of bird and land animal, both male and female.  more 

Current Articles


How old are the Grand Canyon Paleozoic sedimentary formations?

Sedimentary strata are normally laid down flat or very nearly flat. Folding of the sedimentary strata without fracturing within and around the Grand Canyon can potentially provide convincing evidence that the canyon’s Paleozoic sedimentary layers were all laid down in a brief time not millions of years. more

Do ice cores really indicate over a hundred thousand years?

Claims that ice cores from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets indicate ages over a hundred thousand years need critical evaluation. Does the evidence support these claims? Could these ice sheets be only several thousand years old? more

Can Radioactivity be used as a clock?

All radioactive elements spontaneously decay into daughter elements. Decay rates vary among the different radioactive elements at what appears to be a constant rate for each radioactive element as measured by extensive testing over the last 125 years. Scientists have tried to change the decay rates by various means with limited minor success. These apparent constant rates led to the idea that radioactivity could be used as a clock. more

Australopithecus afarensis - just an extinct ape species?

Lucy AL 288-1, the most complete skeleton of the Australopithecus afarensis species, was found by Donald Johanson in the Afar region of Ethiopia in 1974. For a fossilizied australopithecine ape, this find might have received passing interest or fame that is except for the claims of Johanson  and others that this species walked habitually on two legs. more

Humans and Chimpanzees: 134 of the Differences 

Common among secular writings addressing human origins is the story that chimpanzees are our closest relatives and that humans and chimpanzees evolved from an unknown common ape ancestor millions of years ago. Why connect humans to chimpanzees?  more

Are Special Creation and/or Evolution Science?

To determine whether special creation and/or evolution meet the requirements of science, they need to be compared to an acceptable definition of science.  more

The Cases for Evolution and Special Creation

Special creation and evolution are in opposition: they both cannot be true. To prove one is to disprove the other.  more

Evolution Falsified?

The number of examples refuting evolution continue to multiply.  more

Intelligent Design

"The theory of intelligent design (ID) "holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than an undirected process ...  more

Origin of Life

In common usage, a miracle is often used to describe highly improbable events ...  more

Mitochondrial Eve: Who, Where, and When?

Human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is conventionally thought to be inherited only from the mother. Generally, this may be true although several recent papers... more

Carbon-14 Versus the Conventional Geologic Time Scale

Carbon-14, a quantitatively rare and seemingly insignificant radioactive atom in nature, provides an important key to dating many historical events even the Genesis Flood.  more

The White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover facing the English Channel in Southeastern England are a part of a prominent chalk deposit. The cliffs rise to 350 feet and extend for 8 miles. The purity of the chalk creates a problem for conventional geologists.  more

Polystate Tree Fossils

Fossil trees or fossil tree-like plants may be found prostrate, erect (upright), tilted and in rare cases upside down with respect to the geological strata.  more

Joggins Fossil Cliffs

The Joggins cliffs located at the Bay of Fundy on the east coast of Nova Scotia is an important geological site.  more

Dinosaur Extinction

When did dinosaurs become extinct? Sounds like a simple straight forwarded question, but today some believe that birds are descended from dinosaurs or that dinosaurs were types of birds.  more

Horse Evolution

Horses are popular animals that evolutionists have chosen to use to validate evolutionary theory and indoctrinate others to the idea of macroevolution. more

Paluxy River Dinosaur Tracks Challenges ...

Many sauropod and tridactyl tracks and their trackways have been found in the limestone bed of the Paluxy River near the town of Glen Rose, Texas. more

Flight Feathers

How flight feathers evolved has long been a problem for evolutionists.  more

Bombardier Beetles' Defense: by Design or Chance

All bombardier beetles can emit an explosive chemical spray from the tip of their abdomen. They are found on all continents, except Antarctica. more


How Mantises Defy Evolution

Mantises are insects that should give us pause. Well known for their raptorial forelegs that are often held in a praying posture and their camouflage, these predatory insects have some amazing characteristics.  more


Origins and Life: Conclusions are Not Objective


How you look at origins and life is the result of the lenses you look through.

Through the biblical creation lenses you will see everything in the universe wonderfully and magnificently created by an infinitely intelligent, all powerful, all loving, transcendent, supernatural being for whom nothing is impossible. Everything was made good with purpose and responsible to its Creator. Limits were set. Due to mankind’s rebellion, the whole creation has been corrupted.

Through the atheistic lenses you will of necessity see the universe and everything in it as coming into existence through natural materialistic processes by chance only and therefore without purpose. There is no God. You are responsible to no one and can do what you want. There is nothing after this life.

There are other lenses such as theistic evolution that rejects God as revealed in the Bible and instead tries to integrate God with evolutionary thought. No matter what lenses you are looking through, your conclusions are the result of faith. This is inevitable.


There is no conflict between special creation and micro evolution. Micro evolution is simply changes within species. Micro evolution is observable today.

Children are not identical to their parents. “No one doubts that descent with modification occurs in the course of normal biological reproduction. The question is whether descent with modification accounts for the origin of new species - in fact, of every species.” [1]

The conflict is between special creation and macro evolution. Special creation follows the biblical Genesis account whereby God created separately each kind of physical life on earth during days three, five and six of creation week. Macro evolution is “the idea that all forms of life developed gradually from very different and often much simpler ancestors, and that all lines of their descent can be traced back to a common ancestral organism.” [2] For simplicity, macro evolution in this website will be referred to as evolution.



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