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Swainson Hawk Gallery
Woolly Rhinoceros Gallery
Woolly Rhino Skull [2]
Woolly Rhinoceros Jaw and Teeth [3]
Fd. cave at Wicksworth, England
Woolly Rhinoceros Molar (fossil)
1812 Fd. North Sea
3.2"x 1.9"x 1.2"
Woolly Rhinoceros Molar [5]
5th or 6th on the upper right side
Fd. Chartham, Kent, England
Walker Geological Museum,University of Chicago
Woolly Rhinoceros Atlas Vertebra (fossil)
Missing portions of both transverse processes
1831 Fd. North Sea
3.5"x 9"x 4.5"
Woolly Rhinoceros Cervical Vertebra (fossil)
Missing top (spinous) and inferior articular processes
1703 Fd. North Sea
3"x 4.5"x 4.7"
The woolly rhinoceros coexisted with man in Belgium, England, France, etc. based on human remains and implements found associated with their bones. When fully mature, they may have been approximately the size of living African rhinoceros. Like the African rhinoceros they had two horns towards the front of their snout. The front-most horn being the largest and perhaps as much as 5 feet or more long. The woolly rhinoceros had a smooth hide without folds and grew thick woolly fur of varied thickness depending on the part of the body based on frozen specimens found in Siberia.[1]
Woolly Rhinoceros Molar[4]
Deciduous upper
Fd. Kirkdale cavern, England
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Woolly Rhinoceros? Thoracic Vertebra (fossil)
1257 Fd. North Sea
3.5"x 5"x 6"
Rhinoceros Forefoot Bones[6]
1- carpals; 2- metacarpals; 3-phalanges
Rhinoceros Hindfoot Bones[7]
1 - calcaneum; 2 - astragalus; 3 - tarsals; 4- metatarsals; 5- phalanges
Woolly Rhinoceros? Calcaneum (fossil)
1840 Fd. SE Western Siberia, Russia
5"x 2.8"x 3.2"
Woolly Rhinoceros Astragalus (fossil)
1652 Fd. with fishing net in North Sea
3.9"x 3"x 2.4"
Woolly Rhinoceros Metacarpal? (fossil)
1739 Fd. with fishing net in North Sea
5.8"x 2"x 1.6"
Woolly Rhinoceros Metacarpal
or Metatarsal (fossil)
1653 Fd. with fishing net in North Sea
6.1"x 1.6"x 2.1"
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Woolly Rhinoceros Gallery
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