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The vertebral column has many functions including protecting the spinal cord; providing attachment points for muscles and ribs; allowing flexibility and mobility; and supporting body structure including the head, shoulders and chest. Did it just happen by unguided random chance or was it intelligently designed?
Note: The vast majority of fossil vertebrae are damaged and/or incomplete when found.
Miscellaneous Vertebra Gallery
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Plesiosaurus Vertebra (fossil)
1371 Fd. Lyme Regis,
West Dorset, UK
Edmontosaurus Caudal (Tail) Vertebra (fossil)
1070 Fd. in Hell Creek Formation,
Montana, USA
Mammal Thoracic Vertebra (fossil)
1100 Fd. Oklawaha River,
Florida, USA
Sloth Vertebra (fossil)
1233 Fd. St. Marks River,
Florida, USA
Subhyracodon Thoracic Vertebra (fossil)
Missing Vertical Process
1296 Fd. Lusk,
Wyoming, USA
Large Mammal Thoracic Vertebra (fossil)
1257 Fd. North Sea
Cave Bear Lumbar Vertebra (fossil)
Missing portions of laterial processes
1048 Fd. Bihor Mountains,
Transylvannia, Romania