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Deinonychus is a genus in the dromaeosaur family of theropods that were bipedal with full grown adults about 11 feet long and five feet tall. They had fairly long arms and three fingers with claws on each hand (manus). Each foot (pes) had four toes with claws. The second toe on each foot had a large sickle like claw about five inches long leading to some speculation as to its use: whether for killing its prey, in climbing or possibly some other use or combination of uses. The tail provided counterbalance for their body. They had about 60 teeth that were sharp and curved back. Deinonychusí possessed a large brain compared to body size for dinosaurs also leading to speculation that they were very intelligent. Also, there is speculation as to whether they were warm blooded and had feathers. Many newer artist depictions of this animal show feathers although none have been found on its fossils. Fossils of Deinonychus have been found in the Cloverly formation in Montana and Wyoming and the Antlers formation in Oklahoma, USA.
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