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Unidentified Larva 2
Ladybug Beetle Pupa 3
on face of curb
Unidentified Larva 5
from inside dead walnut tree limb
Codling Moth Larva
on walnut
Moth or Butterfly Larva
found under oak tree
Antlion Larva
attracted to light at night
Unidentified Larva6
from below soil surface
Unidentified Larva3
from outside branch of walnut tree
All larvae and pupae shown on this page were found in Central California, USA, except as noted.
Unidentified Larva 1
found in mud wasp's nest
Ladybug Beetle Pupa1
on Pecan Leaf
Ladybug Beetle Pupa2
on Pecan Leaf
Lampyridae sp. Larva
E. Java Is., Indonesia
Unidentified Larva4
from sidewalk
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