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Edmontosaurus? Partials of Two Vertebrae (Fossils)
Bulge in bottom of lower vertebra is probably from injury.
1737 Fd. in the same dig site, Hell Creek Formation,
Badlands outside Sturgis, South Dakota, USA
Top: 7"x 6.5"x 3.9" including processes
Bottom: 8.2"x 12"x 3" including processes
Edmontosaurus dinosaur with baby's in nest site

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Edmontosaurus annectens is a duck-billed dinosaur that travelled normally on four legs but could walk on two legs for short distances. It was a herbivore with a beak and teeth in batteries further back in the mouth. Their teeth were complex composed of six types of tissues. [1] They grew to about 42 feet long and 10 feet tall at their hips. [2] Fossilized imprints of Edmontosaurus mummified skin were recovered in Wyoming showing the various scale patterns on different parts of their extremities.
Edmontosaurus annectens fossils have been found in the Hell Creek Formation of Montana, the Lance Creek Formation of South Dakota and Wyoming, USA and the Frenchman Formation of Saskatchewan, Canada. [3]
Edmontosaurus? Perhaps Partial Sacrum (Fossil)
Shows partials of two vertebrae that are fused together
1058 Fd. Morrison Formation, Southeastern Utah, USA
Bottom: 5.5"x 6"x 3" including processes
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Edmontosaurus Caudal (Tail) Vertebra (Fossil)
1070 Fd. Hell Creek Formation, Montana, USA
2.6"x1.8"x1.7" including process
Edmontosaurus Tooth (Fossil)
1077 Fd. Hell Creek Formation,
Wyoming, USA
Edmontosaurus Partial Jaw (Fossil)
Shows teeth sockets
1717 Fd. Hell Creek Formation, Carter County, Montana, USA
2.7"x 1.8"x 1.0"
Edmontosaurus Phalanx
1729 Fd. Judith River Formation,
central Montana, USA
1.6"x 1.9"x 1.3"
Edmontosaurus Claw (Cast)
Cast by Triassica
1732 Fd. original fossil, Montana, USA
2.7"x 2.0"x 1.2"
Edmontosaurus Phalanx
1098 Fd. Hell Creek Formation,
Montana, USA
1.6"x 1.9"x 1.3"
Edmontosaurus Phalanx
1406 Fd. Hell Creek Formation,
Carter Co., Montana, USA
1.4"x 2.1"x 1.8"
Edmontosaurus Foot Phalanx (Fossil)
1063 Fd. Hell Creek Formation, Carter Co., Montana, USA
Edmontosaurus Foot Phalanx (Fossil)
1843 Fd. Hell Creek Formation, South Dakota, USA

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