Sea Snail Ecphora Gardnerae (fossil)
1410 Fd. St. Mary's Formation, St. Mary's County, Maryland, USA
Orthoceras (fossil)
1030 Fd. Morocco
Condition: polished
Sea Snail Vasum sp. (fossil)
1308 Fd. shell pit, South Florida, USA
Trilobite Ogyginus corndensis(fossil)
1154 Fd. Builth Wells, Wales, UK
Condition: Split in two pieces
Trilobite Peronopsis interstricta(fossil)
0051 Fd. House Range, Antelope Springs, Millard Co., Utah, USA
Oyster Pelecypod "Rams Horn" (fossil)
0050 Fd. Location Unknown
Trilobite Otarion sp. (fossil)
1550 Fd. Morocco
Trilobite Elrathia Kingi (fossil)
0052 Fd. House Range, Antelope Springs, Millard Co., Utah
Trilobite Kainops (fossil)
1192 Fd. Oklahoma, USA
Trilobite Eldredgeia venustus (fossil)
0184 Fd. Bolivian highlands at
4100 meters above sea level
Condition: Some repairs
Trilobite Hollardrops merocrista (fossil)
1412 Fd. Morocco?
Trilobite Flexicalymene (fossil)
1536 Fd. Ohio, USA
Condition: Split in two pieces
1042 Fd. Location Unknown
Condition: Cut in half with portion missing
Fish Gosiutichthys (fossil)
0054 Fd. beds of Lake Uintah, Green River Shale Formation, Wyoming, USA
Fish Palaeospondylus gunni (fossil)
1156 Fd. Old Red Sandstone, Caithness, Scotland, UK
Bivalve Anadara diluvii (fossil)
 Lamarck, 1819
0055 Fd. Lower Tortonian, Poland
Brachiopod (fossil)
1197 Fd. Bolivia
Brachiopod Pseudoatrypa sp. (fossil)
1285a Fd. Lime Creek Formation,
Rockford, Iowa, USA
Brachiopod Neospirifer? (fossil)
1059 Fd. Winterset, Kansas, USA
Brachiopod (fossil)
1041 Fd. Payson, Arizonia, USA
Brachiopod Mucrospirifer thedfordensis (fossil)
1141 Fd. Arkona, Ontario, Canada
Brachiopod Gypidula galeata (fossil)
1155 Fd. Wenlock Edge, Shopshire, UK
Ammonite Pavlovia (fossil)
1146 Fd. Yatria River, Polar Ural Region, Siberia, Russia
Ammonite Perisphinctes (fossil)
1106 Fd. Madagascar
Ammonite (fossil)
0053 Fd. Location Unknown
Gastropod Poleumita (fossil)
1157 Fd. Wenlock Edge, Shropshire, UK
Belemnite (fossil)
1104 Fd. Midlands of England
Shrimp Carpopenaeus (fossil)
1263 Fd. Lebanon
Floating Crinoid Saccocoma pectinata (fossil)
1181 Fd.Solnhofen Limestone, Solnhofen, Germany
Condition: Only nine legs visible out of ten
Fish Diplomystus dentatus (fossil)
0056 Fd. Private Quarry Fossil Lake Section, Green River Formation, Near Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA
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Fish Knightia eocaena (fossil)
1850 Fd. Quarry, Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA
Fish Wolf Fin (fossil)
Lycoptera davidi
1842 Fd. Jiufotang Formation, Lianing Province, China
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The fossil record to date lacks the intermediate forms required to support the Darwinist assertion that one species descended from another.
Glyptocystites (Cystoids)
1063 Fd. Bobcaygeon Formation, Brechin, Ontario, Canada
1415 Fd. Unknown
Crinoids- Baby Phacelocrinus with Archimedes (Left) *
1425 Fd. Chesterian Zone, Bangor Limestone Formation, Northern Alabama, USA
Conulariid (fossil)
1198 Fd. Bolivia
Echinoid, Rhyncholampas gouldii (fossil)
1265 Fd. Hernando, Florida, USA
Jellyfish (fossil)
1163 Fd. Red Sea Beach, Marsa Alam, Egypt
Chan Han Fish Jianghanichthys hubeiensis (fossil)
0057 Fd. Hubei, China