Neuropteris dussartii*
Land Plant Fossil
1167 Fd. Upper Carboniferous, Duckmantian Stage, Lancaster, England.
Land Plant Fossil
1275 Fd. Upper Silesia,
Westphalian, Poland
Fern Neuropteris in Coal Shale (Upper Left) *
Land Plant Fossil
Back of Sample (Lower Right)
1180 Fd. Coal Fields, Central Pennsylvania, USA
Fern Botrychites reheensis
Land Plant Fossil
1200 Fd.location unknown
Fern Pecopteris*
Land Plant Fossil
1057 Fd. Mazon Creek , Illinois, USA
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Cedar Leaf
Land Plant Fossil
1274 Fd. Tranquille Shale Formation,Cache Creek, B.C., Canada
Fern Neuropteris?
Land Plant Fossil
1137 Fd. St. Clair, Pennsylvania, USA
1262 Fd. Bonanza, Utah, USA
Bothrodendron minutifolium*
Land Plant Fossil
1153 Fd. lower carboniferous, Lancaster, England
1278 Fd. Crow Creek Flora Formation, Lemhi County, Idaho, USA
Blue Forest Petrified Wood*
1853 Fd. dig in central Wyoming, USA
Pine Cone of Thouronien
1441 Fd. Morocco
Sigillaria Bark
Land Plant Fossil
1849a Fd. abandoned strip mine, Kentucky, USA
Two Unresearched Plants
Land Plant Fossils
1849c Fd. abandoned strip mine, Kentucky, USA
Land Plant Fossil
1849b Fd. abandoned strip mine, Kentucky, USA
Fossil Flower
Land Plant Fossil
1480 Green River Formation, eastern Utah, USA
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