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Special creation and evolution are in opposition: they both cannot be true.  To prove one is to disprove the other.


Evolutionists best hope for proving their case has been the fossil record. However, after more than 150 years of intense searching, the fossil record does not support the theory of evolution because each phylum (each major group of species having the same general form) appears suddenly; the innumerable transitional forms required by evolutionary theory are not there. [1] Even supposed missing links like Archaeopteryx[2] or Lucy [3] may have had no ancestors that varied significantly from them and no living descendants. Arguments that humans descended from a chimp like creature based on the similarity of DNA between humans and chimps are flawed and are based on partial information only. [4] The case for evolution appears logically weak when all observations are considered.


In recent years the case for special creation has received logically strong support including but not limited to:


1. the extreme mathematical improbability of life[5]

2. the complexity of living organisms [6]

3. the fact that intelligence appears to be the only possible source of information needed for life to exist [7]

4. the fact that mutations degrade information in the DNA [8]


“(S)cience never establishes anything in the absolute sense. All our facts, theories, and laws are held with certain provisions and are tentative. New evidence might come along that would demonstrate that our previous interpretations were somehow mistaken. Or someone could provide a more elegant theory” [9] 





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The Cases for Evolution and Special Creation