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Titanothere [2]
Titanotherium robustum
 White River Formation
 Restored from a skeleton in the American Museum of Natural History
Titanothere Vertebra
1427 type unresearched
Fd. Brule Formation, White River Badlands Group
Pennington County, S. Dakota, USA
Titanothere [4]
 Mesatirhinus superior
 Bridger stage
(Color added)
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Titanothere [3]
 Titanotheriium elatum
  American Museum of Natural History
(Color added)
Titanotheres [5]
Mesatirhinus superior
Bridger stage
 Restored from  a skeleton in the American Museum of Natural History 
Titanothere Metatarsal
1376 type unresearched
Fd. Toadstool Area, Nebraska, USA
8.3" long
Titanotheres [6]
Left : broad-skulled Manteoceras
Right: long-skulled Dolichorhinnus
 From an original in the American Museum of Natural History 
Drawing of Titanothere Skeleton [1]
Titanotherium robustum
Titanothere Right Manus [7]
(Color added)
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