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Image courtesy NASA

Johnson Space Center

Larvae and Pupae Gallery
& Nature Photo Galleries
Unidentified Larva 2 
Ladybug Beetle Pupa 3
on face of curb
Unidentified Larva 5
from inside dead walnut tree limb
Codling Moth Larva
on walnut
 Moth or Butterfly Larva
found under oak tree
 Antlion Larva
attracted to light at night
Unidentified Larva 6
from below soil surface
Unidentified Larva 3
from outside branch of walnut tree
All larvae and pupae shown on this page were found in Central California, USA, except as noted.
Unidentified Larva 1
found in mud wasp's nest
Ladybug Beetle Pupa 1
on Pecan Leaf
Ladybug Beetle Pupa 2
on Pecan Leaf
Lampyridae sp. Larva
E. Java Is., Indonesia
Unidentified Larva 4
from sidewalk
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