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Grasshoppers, Crickets, and Katydids Gallery
Unidentified Grasshopper 1                                             Unidentified Grasshopper 2
Perhaps these are male and female of same species.
(Left picture taken high above camera and right taken straight on back.)
Pallid-winged Grasshopper*
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Unidentified  Grasshopper 5
very small
Unidentified Katydid 3
Unidentified Grasshopper 8
small wings
Unidentified Katydid 6
Fenton River, Mansfield, Tolland Co., CT, USA
body length 0.7" approx.
Unidentified Grasshoppers 15
male                                                                                            female
Java Is., Indonesia
 0.75"                                      body lengths                                        0.9"
Unidentified Cricket 2
Unidentified Cricket 3
Dark Jerusalem Cricket *
    After weighing a dark Jerusalem cricket, it was transported for release in a clear container.  During this process, it was very calm until it accidently was carried by some lizards, predators of insects, nesting in a small opaque trash receptacle about three feet away.  The cricket then became very agitated but calmed down as it was transported from this area to where it was found.  It then resisted attempts to release it from the inverted container by clinging to a concave portion inside followed by spreading itself over the three and a half inch opening.  It then bite hard the person trying to dislodge it and scampered away to hide under a dirt clod.
Unidentified Jerusalem Cricket
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Unidentified Cricket 1
Unidentified Cricket 5
body length 0.7"
Unidentified  Grasshopper 6
very small
Unidentified  Grasshopper 7
very small
Unidentified Katydid 5
Conehead, female
Eastford,Windham Co., CT, USA
body length 1.0" not including ovipositor
Unidentified Katydid 4 
   This kadydid was observed while it was carefully climbing on a stucco ceiling in a manner similar to a rock climber climbing vertically.
Unidentified Katydid 7
Conehead, male
 Sweeny, Brazoria Co., TX, USA
body length 1.25"
Valanga nigracomios javanica 
Java Is., Indonesia
body length 2.4"
Unidentified  Grasshopper 1
Unidentified Grasshopper 12
Fenton River, Mansfield, Tolland Co., CT, USA
body length 1.0"
Unidentified Grasshopper 13
Merrow Meadows Park, Mansfield, Tolland Co., CT, USA
small wings
body length 0.7" 
Unidentified Long-Horned Grasshopper 16
E. Java Is., Indonesia
body length 1.15" 
Regal Soldier-Horn Grasshopper
Samaea regalis
body length 1.85"
Unidentified Katydid 1
Unidentified Katydid 2
Unidentified Katydid 8
Unidentified Grasshopper 14
Merrow Meadows Park, Mansfield, Tolland Co., CT, USA
body length 0.35" 
Body length is equal to the total length of the head, thorax and abdomen.
Unidentified  Grasshopper 4
    Grasshoppers, crickets, and katydids are amazing creatures. They have enlarged back legs to hop with; wings for flying with exceptions; eyes, antennas, ears, and hairs to sense their surroundings; knowledge of what is edible; mouths to eat with; a digestive system to process the food; ability to reproduce, survival responses; knowledge to generate meaningful sounds; etc. Although they are said to be creatures of instincts, these instincts and bodily functions require an incredible amount of information to work. Information comes only from intelligence so there had to be a creator.

    All insects shown on this page were found in Central California, USA, except as noted.
Unidentified Cricket 4
Unidentified  Grasshopper 9
Unidentified  Grasshopper 10
a very good natural swimmer
Grasshopper Swimming Videos
Unidentified  Grasshopper 11