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Image courtesy NASA

Johnson Space Center

Miscellaneous Insects Gallery
& Nature Photo Galleries
 Unidentified Insect 7a
Leafhopper Assassin Bug
Zelus renardii *
Peanut Burrower Bug
 Unidentified Insect 8
 Unidentified Insect 5
All insects shown on this page were found in Central California, USA.
Western Leaf-footed Bug
Unidentified Stink Bug 2
 Unidentified Stink Bug 1?
 Unidentified Insect 5
on finger
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Green Lacewing
Unidentified Cockroach 1
Unidentified Cockroach 2
Unidentified Cockroach 3
German Cockroach
Unidentified Stink Bug 3
Unidentified Insect 1
Green Lacewing and Unidentified Insect 2
Unidentified Insect 3
Unidentified Insect 4
 Unidentified Insect 6
 Unidentified Insect 7b
Brown Lacewing
Beaded Lacewing
Brachynemurus genus - male
Unidentified Antlion