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Alligator Teeth (fossil)
1131 1215 Fd. Florida?, USA
Edmontosaurus Hadrosaur
Tooth (fossil)
1077 Fd. Hell Creek Formation,
 Wyoming, USA
Cave Bear Molar Tooth (fossil)
1182 Fd. Ural Mountains, Russia
Desmostylus Partial Tooth (fossil)
1149 Fd. Tremblor Formation, Fresno, CA, USA
Mosasaur Tooth (fossil)
1025 Fd. Morocco
Horse Equus Tooth (fossil)
 1381 Fd. Southeastern, USA
Dromaeosaur Tooth Tip (fossil)
1039 Fd. Hell Creek Formation,
Montana, USA
Globbidens Tooth (fossil)
1388 Fd. Atlas Mountains,
North Africa
Oreodont Skull Teeth (fossil)
1078 Fd. Pennington Co., South Dakota, USA
Hesperocyon Canid Tooth (fossil)
1102 Fd. Location Unknown
Hydracodon Tooth (fossil)
1143 Fd. South Dakota, USA
Mouse Eumys Teeth (fossil)
1142 Fd. White River, NW Nebraska, USA
Otter Canine Tooth (fossil)
1186 Fd. St. Marks River,
 Florida, USA
Kogiopsis Tooth (fossil)
1187 Fd. Southeastern, USA
Spinosaur Tooth (fossil)
1026 Fd. Morroco
Pterosaur Teeth (fossils)
Left 1372 Fd. Africa
Right 1312 Fd. S. of Taouz, Moroccan Sahara
Squirrel Ischromys Teeth (fossil)
1140 Fd. White River, NW Nebraska, USA
Palaeolama? Tooth (fossil)
1062 Fd. North Florida, USA
Bison Tooth (fossil)
1086 Fd. Kansas River Bank,
Kansas?, USA
Triceratops Teeth (fossils)
1097 Fd. Lance Creek Formation,
Montana, USA 
Tapir Molar Tooth  (fossil)
1103 Fd. Swannee River, Florida, USA
Tapir Canine Teeth (fossil)
Fd. St. Marks River, Florida, USA
Rabbit Palaeolagus Mandible Teeth (fossil)
1139 Fd. White River, NW Nebraska, USA
Racoon Maxilla Teeth (fossil)
1185 Fd. North Florida, USA
Triceratops Skull Tooth (fossil)
1038 Fd. Hell Creek Formation,
Eastern Montana, USA
Camel Wilsoni? Molar Teeth (fossil)
1369 Fd. China
Tapir Incisor Teeth (fossil)
1222 1229 Fd. North Florida, USA
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    Teeth may appear at first glance simple, but In fact, they are relatively complex structures.   "The general structure of teeth is similar across vertebrates, although there is considerable variation in their form and position."    Teeth components include enamel, dentine, cementum, dental pulp, nerves, blood vessels, periodontal ligament, gums, and bone sockets for anchorage.  Some vertebrates teeth grow continually (e.g. horses and beavers) to balance wear, others have two sets of teeth (e.g. humans, cats), and sharks have many sets. 
    Biblical Creation - In the beginning, God created different kinds of vertebrate animals and provided each kind with specialized teeth best suited for acquiring and chewing their intended diet.
    Evolution Theory - The various kinds of teeth resulted from undirected random chance and natural selection    without foresight.
Note: Teeth identification is incomplete and intended for illustrative purposes only.
Deer Tooth (fossil)
1110 Fd. Location Unknown



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