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Actually, there is no way to determine what the total weight of dinosaurs, if any, were on the ark. Table 9b is intended to provide a rough estimate of the average weight of adult dinosaurs. This may not be the right criteria as the Bible does not state that the animals on the ark were adults, almost adults, adolescents, preadolescents, etc. Age may make a significant difference in weight especially with those animals that are said to keep growing all their lives.

The biblical criteria for loading the animals on the ark is two of every kind of living animal, male and female, and seven of every kind of living clean animal, male and female. The use of kind here most likely does not agree with the poorly defined term species. Micro evolution (variation within a kind) takes place all the time and it is unlikely that God would consider these variants as different kinds of living flesh. For this reason, Table 9b is based not on species but on genera, the grouping one step above species. Of course genera might not be the correct criteria either.

Noah is told to bring two of every living thing of all flesh into the ark. Based on what we experience today with overhunting, there is a high probability that there were many extinctions before the flood. If a kind had become extinct before the flood, it does not fall under the definition of living flesh and would be absent from the ark. No attempt has been made here to exclude any extinctions.

In classifying dinosaurs, dimorphism and changes associated with aging could significantly inflate the number of genera but this possibility had to be neglected in this analysis due to lack of information. The estimated total number of dinosaur genera is roughly around 1000 based on the list of dinosaur genera in Wikipedia after excluding the dubious genera and junior synonyms. [1] Of these 1000 genera, weights for 736 genera have been estimated as indicated in this table. The rough estimate of the average weight of dinosaurs was then calculated by dividing the sum of the individual genera weights by 736.
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1. The list of dinosaur genera came from this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dinosaur_genera . In some cases, species were added to the list to aide in weight estimates. Duplicate genera in bold indicate more than one reference used.
2. Nomen dubium is a scientific name that is of unknown or doubtful application. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomen_dubium
3. Nomen nudum is a name proposed with no description (or illustration). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomen_dubium
4. Weight information was often lacking in references.
a. Where an animal of comparable size was mentioned and a weight estimate was available for that animal, the weight estimate for the comparable animal was used as indicated by "a" in this table.
b. Where more than one weight is given in a reference, the lowest value was used as indicated by "b" in this table.
c. Where a maximum weight only was given, 75 percent of the maximum weight was used as indicated by "f" in this table.
d. When length but not weight information was available in the references, then weights of dinosaurs of the same approximate size in the same order, suborder or family were used as indicated by "g" in the table.
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