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List A – Clean and Unclean Birds, Land Mammals and Reptiles

Seven males and their females of clean animals were to board the ark.[1] The following land animals and birds are listed as clean and unclean in the Bible.[2], [3] Not all biblical animal classifications will agree with the current animal classification system.
Clean Animals
All animals that both chew cud and also have divided hooves: ox,[4] sheep, mountain sheep, goat, wild goat, ibex, deer, [5] roebuck, [6] antelope, gazelle.
All birds, except as listed under Unclean Animals
Animals that walk on paws.
Camel, rock badger, rabbit, pig
Swarming things: mole, mouse
Hawk, falcon, buzzard, kite, red kite, eagle, vulture, carrion vulture, raven, ostrich, sea gull, stork, pelican, heron, cormorant, owl, white owl, little owl, great owl, bat [7], hoopoe, teeming life with wings[8]
Swarming things: the lizard, great lizard, gecko, crocodile, sand reptile, chameleon

[1] Genesis 7:2-3
[2] Leviticus 11:1-31
[3] Deuteronomy 14:3-20
[4] Includes any animal in the bovine family
[5] The deer (Cervidae) family includes moose, reindeer, caribou, elk, pudu, chital, etc…
[6] This is a male Roe deer.
[7] Bats are listed with birds in the Bible but are currently classified as mammals.
[8] Many kinds of birds appear to fall under this "teeming life with wings" category but the criteria (e.g. minimum number of birds in the flock) for this grouping is uncertain. Some of the following birds definitely do teem and others are tentatively designated as teeming for this study: starlings, blackbirds, crows, barn swallows, terns, geese, ducks, shorebirds, flamingos, and penguins. Shorebirds include the American golden plover, Asian dowitcher, American avocet, bar-tailed godwit, black-tailed godwit, common redshank, common snipe, greater yellowlegs, grey-tailed tattler, Hudsonian godwit, Latham's snipe, lesser yellowlegs, little stint, long-billed dowitcher, marbled godwit, oystercatcher, American oystercatcher, black oystercatcher, Eurasian oystercatcher, grey plover, Kentish plover, piping plover, sandpiper, semipalmated plover, black-necked stilt, short-billed dowitcher, snowy plover, black-winged stilt, white-headed stilt, Subantarctic snipe, Swinhoe's snipe, tattler (bird), black turnstone, willet, Wilson's plover, wood sandpiper, and wood snipe as listed in