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Central California Butterflies Gallery
Monarch Butterflies*
wintering on eucalyptus at Goleta, CA, USA
Anise Swallowtail Butterfly*
sucking nector from henbit
Red Admiral Butterfly*
sucking nector from waxleaf privet
Common Buckeye Butterfly*
sucking fluid from raisins drying on the vine
Gray Hairstreak Butterfly*
on cheeseweed mallow (lower right)
West Coast Lady Butterfly
on yellow daisy bush
Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly*
Painted Lady Butterfly *
Central Valley 11/1/2014
Marine Blue Butterfly*
Spotted Central Coast, California, USA
Eufala Skipper*
Unidentified Skipper 1
Spotted 7-9-2014 Central Coast
Fiery Skipper*
Orange Sulfur Butterfly (Male)*
on grape vine
Cabbage White Butterfly*

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Western Pygmy Blue Butterflies*
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